Coaching on a Credit Card®

Coaching on a Credit Card

Coaching on an Credit Card® is a free-standing workshop that explores the fundamentals of coaching using a simple and powerful seven step process that can be carried in a wallet or purse.

Coaching on an Credit Card® is available as a
multi-media home study e-course.

The most important lesson in coaching is that the client knows what they need – even if they don’t know what they need!

That is why the fundamental coaching question is so powerful: -

“What would be the most useful question for me to ask you now?”

Not only is this really effective, but its use continuously reinforces the message that the client really does know best. this is the fist step towards creating and natural coach’s mindset.

In the Coaching on a Credit Card® module you will learn:

  • When to coach and when it is not appropriate
  • How to unlock person’s potential to improve their own performance
  • That the client always knows what they need to answer
  • How to ask and listen, and to resist telling.

You will receive a complete coaching system printed on the two sides of a credit card – that you can carry with you everywhere.

As well as practising the credit card questions you will be introduced to beliefs that support coaching, active listening skills, more about good questions, and how to give specific feedback.

People who master these simple powerful processes and learn to think like a natural coach, will be able to guide themselves and others through problem issues and develop self-confidence and self-esteem.


Invisible coaching modules are available as
multi-media home study e-courses

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"Discover the art of natural coaching"

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