Career coaching for individuals in organisations

What is career coaching?

executive coachingCareer coaching helps individuals discover what they really want to do with their lives and then develop a strategy to achieve it.

A career coach helps you to:

  • discover and understand who you really are
  • identify and clarify what you most want
  • create and develop strategies for how you will achieve your goals

A career coach will help you manage a career that is congruent with your personal and family life.

How can a career coach help you?

Work takes up a major part of our lives. Does your work provide an opportunity to fulfil your highest personal needs and aspirations – or is it a stressful time endured to make ends meet? Is your work challenging and developmental – or does it stifle your abilities? Does it stretch you – or do you feel that some of your talent is unrecognised or wasted?

A career coach can help you identify what you really want out of life – what would really give you satisfaction, make you feel fulfilled. A career coach can help you appreciate the skills and experience that you have accumulated. And a career coach can help you identify opportunities and a network of contacts who can help you.

Together with your coach, you can analyse what you have found, set goals and then develop a strategy to achieve the career you really want. It may be progress in your existing organisation. It might require a complete change of direction. You may need to develop or improve some skills.

With a plan and someone to support you along the way, you will be well on the way to success.

When can a career coach help?

Career coaching is particularly relevant when you are faced with change. Promotion, change of job, redundancy – or even retirement. Or you might just want to review where you are now.

Today's turbulent environment demands more from executives. As goals, roles and business conditions change, executives must learn new skills and hone their old ones. It is true that to stand still these days you must make constant progress! Working with a career coach will ensure that you don't just stand still – but make the progress you want.

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