Media coverage of Brefi Group

Read some of the articles and reports that have featured Brefi Group.

People Management, 7 April 2005
"Learning is lost rapidly unless reinforced and applied immediately, says Richard Winfield, managing director of the Brefi Group. The group is launching a blended learning package that combines its accelerated learning workshop, 90-MinuteLearning, with LearningBytes, a multimedia option that emails reminders, exercises and new content to the desktop every three days over a four week period in order to extend and reinforce learning. Its 'podcasting' delivery of mpeg files enables students to listen to follow-up lessons at their desktop, or download them to play in the car or on the train."

BBC Radio 5 Live
Brefi Group founder Richard Winfield has been adopted as Radio Five Live's "time management guru". Early morning interviews have asked "Is modern life too busy? What would you do with a spare hour?" and "How would you advise Deputy Prime Minister John Prescott to manage his time while the Prime Minister is on holiday and he is managing the firemen's strike - as well as running the Government's largest department?"

IoD Midland Newsletter, September 2001
September sees the launch of a new initiative for top Birmingham business executives. Brefi Group is to provide executive coaching services from a centeral Brimingham location... [More]

Chamber Link, September 2001
New Chamber member Brefi Group has launched a free on-line self assessment service for managers, directors and business students. It is available to both HR departments and individuals... [More]

Canadian Business, October 01, 2001
Speaking of irritation, is your staff?s performance less than stellar? Maybe a refresher course is in order. But before you shell out megabucks to send them back to school, go to, a site created by UK consultancy Brefi Group... [More]